The Fate of The Andromeda III

An accidental collision with an asteroid causes the first manned mission to Mars, the Andromeda III, to end tragically, crashing onto the surface of Mars. At Mission Control, a young lieutenant, brother of one of the astronauts, vows to find out the actual fate of the expedition, no matter how long it takes.

Twenty years later, a young woman is chosen by the leaders of the Four Races of her planet to travel to another world to establish peaceful relations with its allegedly violent inhabitants. Upon arrival, she fears the worst when her ship is surrounded by armed men and machines.

Are peaceful relations possible? What adventures and discoveries await the young Emissary? And what exactly did happen to the Andromeda III?

Jan Koenig

Jan has always loved books and reading. Her favourite genre evolved from ancient mythology to fantasy to science fiction, not only in books, but television and movies as well. Writing seemed to become a natural outgrowth, although somewhat sporadically, as real life and other interests, and challenges, interfered. She currently works as Senior Accountant at The University of Cincinnati Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio.